Meet Aaron Wesley Means.


0 Comments Jan 29, 2015

First, the basic stuff… Currently 39 years old, married for 11 years, no kids, four dogs, living in the beautiful smoky mountains of North Carolina, on the east coast of the U.S.

I had an eclectic life experience and the same goes for my education. I was born in PA but grew up in Germany for my early years. Once returning to the states, we moved around a bit, but landed near Washington DC.

I managed to break away for a number of years, studying Communication Arizona State University, and taking part in summer programs studying in London, Edinburgh, and even Dublin, Ireland.

Then I did the “safe thing” and spent 10 years in the “Rat-Race” lifestyle in the Washington DC area, before finally shedding both the corporate scene and the service industry to work in Internet Marketing full time.

As a communication specialist, I landed in the direct sales arena, and as I learned more and more about the world of Internet marketing, I launched a successful brand aimed at assisting other businesses with their marketing.

What has always driven me in online business was the opportunity to live life differently. The convenience of working from anywhere. The leverage of being able to reach out and do business in another country, another time zone. And most importantly, the concept of creating genuine connections with people all over the world. That’s what thrills me.

But it wasn’t long until I recognized that there was a larger game at hand than just “business”. What I recognized was that the behavior of human beings and the patterns that we allow ourselves to live in, quite literally define our ability to take advantage of what is on the table in any business market. In short, as I drilled deeper in learning about entrepreneurship, I found myself zooming OUT and seeing the larger game. Life. The personal commitment to excellence, one that transcends what others may or may not think about you. And rapidly I began to take the principles and concepts and standards that had helped me to succeed in “certain areas”… and spread it out into more and more areas.

So whether it is personal life, staying organized, business life, staying fit and healthy, or personal projects and missions of your own, your standards define your trajectory. If you want success you have to get to the kernal.

And on a more philosophical note…

I liken the internet marketing revolution to be a “form” of returning to what we had before… people had a product or service they represented and they woke up each day, did as they pleased, spent time with their families, and then focused a clear and determined eye on doing “what they do” that day… and perhaps even night. Much of this was done in the home… and if not, then they certainly returned to the home for more time with family and to recharge batteries in a very domestic, centered environment.

Working for yourself is a life of Freedom, but the counter-balance is a lot of discipline & responsibility. The responsibility is not just to the business, but to yourself to never stop growing and developing.

~Aaron Wesley Means